Frequently Asked Questions

Stall Holders

Why did the Fair move last year?

We had outgrown the old site, plus as the regulars would know, if it rains the football ground turns into a mud bath.

When can I set up my stall?

You can arrive either Friday or Saturday. Ormeau Lions club members will be on site to hand out maps to show you where your site is. You can arrive 1st thing Saturday morning and people will be there setting up from 6am.

What hours is the Ormeau Fair running?
Saturday: 8am – 9pm
Sunday: 8am – 4pm

How do I pay for my stall and do I get a receipt?

This year we are asking for payments when you apply and the application form has all of the details on how to pay. The less time the Lions Volunteers are chasing payments the more time we have for other community beneficial tasks. If you have paid with your application and you are not approved, you will receive an immediate refund.

What times will security be available?

This year there will be 24 hour security from when the first vendor arrives untill the Monday morning clean up is complete. Although this security is available throughout the evening, no responsibility can be taken for loss of expensive items left on site overnight.

What do I do if my site requires power?

As with past Fairs there is no power available for stall owners unless you bring your own generator

Can I donate money to the Ormeau Lions club?

Yes. We love your donations and 100% of the money goes straight back into the local community. The Ormeau Lions are 100% volunteers and the Ormeau Fair is our greatest fund raiser of the year, so please give generously.