About The Fair

This year we completed 11th year of the Ormeau Lions Fair  which many now refer to as the ‘Mini Ekka.’

  It all started back in 2004, when it was the vision of Norm Jessen who was Ormeau Lions President  from 2005 to 2012.

Norm’s dream was to fill up Brien Harris Oval with a ‘Fair’, we now know as Ormeau Lions Fair

The rides all came from ‘Showman’s Guild’ and ‘Pura Milk’  were responsible for most of the catering and  there were fireworks and a stage from JD Sound.  This was the basis to work from and the first year started out fairly small.

We couldn’t charge for attendance as we didn’t have a fence up around the oval and on the second year we had a fence up, but we still didn’t charge to come in.  The Ormeau area has grown so much, we need something like the Fair at this end of the coast.

The first year we made it happen, and the second year it was a great success and it grew from there.  Gold Coast Council have always been most helpful, particularly Donna Gates.

This year we are looking at over 200 stall holders and food vendors plus Dance Companies, school music and dance contests, V.I.P. Dog Shows and Pony rides as well as the Ekka Rides.

We could not hold a successful fair without our wonderfull Sponsors. As we sign them up this year, reference to them will appear on this web site.

All monies raised during the Ormeau Fair go straight back into the community to help support schools, hospitals, underprivileged people and many other charity organisations.

Looking forward to a great Ormeau Fair and seeing you there as well.  It is all about turning up and having a great time for all the family.